Did Sarah Ferguson And Princess Diana Had A Secret Plan To Stop Prince Charles Being King?

Date March 23, 2018

There’s a high probability that Prince Charles will have a full power to reign soon. There have been many rumors that when Queen Elizabeth II turns 95, her son will take the lead. But he will not be King, as she does not intend to abdicate. Still, in case of the monarch’s death, Prince Charles will be the first in line to ascend.

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Many Brits actually do not support the heir to the throne. And it seems that his ex-wife Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson were among such people as well.


It’s well-known that the Queen’s son has always been desperate to became King. And at some point, he even thought that those closest to him wanted to keep him from the throne.

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A year before the divorce, the Princess of Wales questioned her husband’s suitability to reign. As a result, the prince convinced himself that his estranged wife and her best friend Sarah Ferguson plotted to replace him by announcing that Prince Andrew would be Regent.

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Charles was also afraid that his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles would ruin his reputation and chances of succession. In their turn, the Duke and the Duchess of Cornwall planned to slur the princess as a hysteric and write a book sympathetic to Camilla.


But this campaign got suspended when the news of Princess Diana’s death came, as some people blamed the death on the couple.

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