Family Business! Prince William Pays A Surprise Visit To His Father's Designer Village Of Poundbury

Date April 3, 2018 17:21

When you wander through modern housing estates, you often see identical houses and streets full of cars. And as for having a school or a supermarket nearby – there’s no guarantee. But Prince Charles’ Poundbury village is the opposite.

The sustainable community on Duchy of Cornwall land is now home to more than 3 thousand people and has many unusual features: a school, few street signs, spacious streetscapes, and an incredible number of start-up business for such a small town.

And while Prince Charles is a frequent guest of the Dorset development, his son William seems to have just made the first surprise visit to it.

So, what was the event all about?

Kensington Palace has not revealed why the Duke of Cambridge paid a visit. A spokesperson for the Poundbury office confirmed that it was entirely private, and no public element was involved in it.

Still, business owners in Poundbury were happy to see the second in line to the throne. Sporting chinos, grey fleece, and boots, Prince William kept with the informality of the visit. As people revealed, he mainly was checking how things were going on:

The Duchy owns the building so they have a personal interest in us and the conversation was really about how we're getting on.

Right now, Prince William is extremely busy. And he will be even busier when Duchess Catherine gives birth to their third baby at the end of April. In May, the duke will also skip the FA Cup to attend the wedding of Prince Harry and his bride-to-be, Meghan Markle.

It is expected that Prince William will be his brother’s best man, and we’re looking forward to seeing the ceremony!

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