Gary Oldman, Oscar-Winning Actor And Master Of Disguise, Celebrates His 60th Birthday!


March 21, 2018 14:23 By Fabiosa

From playing Count Dracula to Winston Churchill, Gary Oldman has proved on multiple occasions that he’s a master of disguise. Just a few weeks ago, the actor celebrated winning the Oscar for best actor in the drama Darkest Hour. And today, the legend has another milestone to mark: he has just turned 60!


In case you don’t know who Oldman is, here are some quick facts for you. The British actor began his award-winning theater career in 1979. Later, he broke into the film industry with his brilliant portrayal of Sid Vicious. In the 1980s, he was named one of the best young British actors around. And throughout his career (that spans more than 3 decades!), he has also won numerous awards for his performances.

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We don’t know how the actor is going to celebrate his anniversary. When he won the Academy award, Oldman said in his speech that he wanted to celebrate it over the cup of tea with his mother. Maybe, he would opt for a private dinner with his family this time as well?

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But what we surely do know is that the Internet is going crazy, celebrating the actor’s milestone birthday. On various social media, users showered the icon with the warmest words and wishes.

Here are just some of the tweets shared today

We, too, congratulate Gary Oldman and wish him the happiest of birthdays!

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