"He Was A Gem": Susan Sarandon Reveals Paul Newman Shared His Salary To Bridge Gender Pay Gap

Date March 14, 2018

Oscar-winning Susan Sarandon is 71 years old now, and she can boast about countless hits she starred in. But there have been many problems she had to fight during her long-term career, and some of these issues were sexism and ageism.

The film legend started her career in 1970. And as soon as her movies proved successful, the actress was told she would be done by the age of 40. What is more, producers and directors advised her not to talk about any plans of having kids:

You definitely shouldn’t talk about having children ‘cause that made you less sexy.

© Arbitrage (2012) / Roadside Attractions

Luckily, the situation has definitely changed for the better as more and more women working as writers and filmmakers wanted to tell a female driven story.

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Apart from that, Susan also experienced gender inequality.

Right now, actresses, such as Emma Stone, often tell stories of how their male stars gave up some of their pay to ensure equality. And the Hollywood legend has a similar experience to share. When starring in 1998 Twilight, Paul Newman got to know that Susan was earning less than he was, so he opted to take a pay cut.

He stepped forward and said, 'Well I'll give you part of mine'. So, yeah, he was a gem.

© Twilight (1998) / Cinehaus

Although it was believed to be 'favored nations' (equal pay agreement), only Newman and another co-star, Gene Hackman, benefited from it.

© The Color of Money (1986) / Touchstone Pictures

Paul Newman died in 2008, but if he was alive, he would probably support #TimesUp and #MeToo campaigns. Currently, many male stars, including David Schwimmer and Matt McGorry, try to raise the awareness of sexism, harassment, and abuse in the industry.

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