Heartwarming Act Of Kindness From Strangers Puts Smile On The Face Of Granny With Dementia

Date April 6, 2018

Every year, more than 225 thousand people develop dementia. The statistics is scaring, considering that it’s 1 person every 3 minutes. And while we understand how the disease affects health, we have no idea how it’s like to live with it.

Most important is to understand that such people still need experiences and opportunities to enjoy their life. And sometimes, even the little things can lighten up their day.

This is Mrs. Goodwin's story

Margaret Goodwin is 83 now, and she was diagnosed with dementia 2 years ago. She lives with her granddaughter, Kate Taylor. Each day, Mrs. Goodwin sits by the window and waves at everyone who walks by.

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A few days ago, Kate’s family found a surprise in their hall. Their letterbox was jammed out because someone had dropped off a touching letter and daffodils for Mrs. Goodwin.

In the letter, the strangers introduced themselves as Trevor and Anne. They were among those people who waved at Kate’s grandma back. “The walkers who wave” wished the “lady in the window” happy Valentine’s Day and hoped they made her day by sending flowers.

The act of kindness was so heartwarming, it’s no surprise it put a smile on Mrs. Goodwin’s face. Now, her granddaughter wants to find the couple to thank them for their sweet letter:

We don’t know these people, they don’t know her, they’ve never spoken to her – but they decided they would think about her and do something for her.

Kate also shared a pic of the letter and daffodils on Facebook, asking people to help find Trevor and Anne to give them many thanks. And in case her grandma has a bad day, Kate will show the note to lift her spirits again.


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