How Did Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Keep Their Relationship Secret For 6 Months?

Date March 27, 2018

Ever since taking the world by surprise by announcing their engagement, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have kept silence about any details of their bond. Only a handful of friends and family members knew about their blossoming relationship. So, how did they keep it secret?


As we all know, the royal and the former actress were set up on a blind date. Reportedly, the matchmaker was the PR director of Ralph Lauren – Violet von Westenholz – who is a friend of both the prince and his bride-to-be. But there were also other people who helped the couple stay out of the spotlight.


In fact, all of the previous relationships of Harry faced intense scrutiny from the media. So, it’s no surprise the couple turned to Meghan’s friends, Jessica and Ben Mulroney, for help.

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Thanks to the Canadian family, the prince and the actress managed to keep their relationship secret for 6 months! They used to hide in their home. And Harry’s popularity with Mulroney kids has apparently made Meghan’s heart melt. As a source close to the family says:

He was brilliant with them and I think what swung it for Meghan was how good Harry was with them.



Another factor bonding Harry and Meghan together was a similar family history. The actress’ parents split when she was 6, while Princes Diana and Prince Charles got divorced when their son was 8. So, both knew what it was like when your closest people split up.

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