In Sickness And Health: Loving Husband Shares Touching Morning Routine For Wife With Dementia

Date March 27, 2018

Living with a spouse who has dementia and watching them slip away is, no doubt, a very painful experience. And Carl Gacono knows it better than anyone. His wife Mary Jane has been struggling with the condition for almost a decade.

The loving husband has been there to support her. But even their children didn’t know how much Carl did for his beloved.

One day, Carl (who is 88 now) scheduled a doctor’s appointment and asked Becky, one of the couple’s kids, to care for her mom. And it turns out that Gacono has a super sweet morning routine for his partner of 68 years.

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In the morning, he gets Mary Jane to the bathroom, helps her shower, gets her dressed, cooks breakfast, and then spends the whole day with her. For his daughter to get it right, Carl went over the routine a couple of times.

One of the most important steps was getting Mary Jane dressed, especially putting on her jewelry. As Carl said to his daughter:

Don’t forget the bracelet with the heart goes on the left with her watch. The other two bracelets go on the right.

The 88-year-old is eager to do everything for his wife. She supported him in all his plans and dreams and dedicated her life to loving him. Now, Carl thinks it’s his turn. Surely, he struggles some days because he’s too exhausted and tired. But Gacono also has the family who want to help.

Becky and other two couple’s children, Mary Ann and Kris, often visit their parents, make sure their mom takes her medications, and try to get her giggle along. Usually, Mary Jane doesn’t even remember her kids’ names, but when she does, it’s worth all the efforts.

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