Inspiring Ghanaian Teacher Finds A Way To Teach Microsoft Word Without A Computer

Date February 28, 2018

In the modern world, technologies are constantly evolving, and students know how to use computers and other gadgets since their childhood. ICT classes gain more and more popularity and become inseparable part of education. But what if there is no equipment to teach the subject?

This Ghanaian teacher knows the answer!

Unfortunately, the school Owura Kwadwo works at has no computers necessary to understand the classes. Yes, the circumstances are pretty challenging, but instead of giving up, he found a solution. Kwadwo uses a black board to sketch out Microsoft Word and explain the basics to his students.

To share his experience, the teacher took to Facebook. It’s no surprise that his post went viral fast. And it attracted the attention of Microsoft! Now, the corporation is set to equip the school with a teaching device. What is more, other companies also donate laptops and projectors to improve education quality.

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People’ reactions

Of course, Kwadwo’s determination has warmed people’s hearts all over the world. Just take a look at these tweets:

Owura’s teaching method definitely proves that education is possible even without the latest advancements. You just need a bit of creativity!

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