Is Actress Rachel McAdams Pregnant With Her First Child With Boyfriend Jamie Linden?

Date February 23, 2018

Last year, Rachel McAdams, The Notebook star, revealed that she was finally ready to settle down and start a family. Although they had been dating for less than a year at that time, she and her boyfriend, Jamie Linden, had already moved in together. There were even engagement rumors, which the pair didn’t comment on (as they are very private about their relationship).

But things are getting more and more serious

According to E! News, the actress is going to be a mom! Unfortunately, her rep didn’t discuss any details. But since the couple prefer to keep low profile, they might have kept pregnancy a secret for 7 months already!

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Rachel is yet personally to confirm the happy news, but the Oscar nominee has previously opened up about her desire to become a mother one day. Well, it seems that this time has arrived. And she has a great example to follow:

My mom is a great inspiration to me... She lets me be who I am. Hopefully, I can take on those qualities and be as great as her.


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Both McAdams and Linden had serious relationships in the past that were not long lasting. For two years, Jamie had been dating another famous actress, Zooey Deschanel. And we still can’t get over Rachel and Ryan Gosling’s break-up.


Although many fans are still hoping the iconic pair will get back together, we wish McAdams all the best in her new relationship and congratulate on the joyful news!

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