Why Was Jodie Foster On Crutches At Oscars, And What Has Meryl Streep Got To Do With That?

Date March 6, 2018

On March 4, we had a wonderful opportunity to watch the 90th Academy Awards. And we should say, what a great night it was! From gags from Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue to jokes from winner announcers, there were many great moments to enjoy.


Casey Affleck (who won in the Best Actor category in 2017) was supposed to announce the Best Lead Actress, but due to sexual misconduct allegations, he had to turn down the offer. Instead, Oscar-winning actresses Jodie Foster and Jennifer Lawrence did that.


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Surprisingly, The Silence of the Lambs star made her entrance with crutches! And before announcing the Oscar winner, she said that it was all Meryl Steep’s fault! Referring to the film I, Tonya and the infamous attack on Nancy Kerrigan, the actress joked that it was Maryl who “I, Tonya’ed” her.



But what happened in reality?

In fact, the 55-year-old has skiing to blame. These fancy white supports are a result of the fall a couple of weeks ago. But even despite her injury, Jodie looked absolutely stunning! And so did Jennifer.


As for the winner, the two were proud too present Best Actress to Frances McDormand for her outstanding performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Many expected that the movie would win the Best Picture, but the award was given to The Shape of Water.

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