Kylie Minogue Opens Up About Anxiety Battle And Shares A Powerful Advice On How To Calm It

Date April 4, 2018

Kylie Minogue can boast about 80 million records sold, the career that spans 30 years, and countless admirers all over the world. From starring in Neighbours to throwing glittery stadium tours, the iconic singer has done it all. Now, she is ready to release her 14th album Golden on April 6.


In fact, the new album helped everyone’s favorite Australian to go through her most recent breakup with Joshua Sasse, the British actor to whom she was engaged. But heartbreak is not the only thing Kylie struggles with. As it turns out, the princess of pop has to deal with anxiety.


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Minogue admits that she never plans anything long-term because there are too many voices in her head that make her change decisions. These voices act like problem solvers, but they also make the singer feel anxious.

So, how does she deal with it?


Minogue reveals that she doesn’t want to seek professional help. Rather, she chooses another method of healing, which is more traditional. The singer follows her 98-year-old grandma’s advice:

What you need to is lie flat, and you put your arms up and you just lie like that for 10 minutes.


And this method works for the singer just fine. When anxiety strikes on a video day, Kylie turns off her phone, dims the lights, and just tries to be still. On any other regular day, she also puts a kettle on, has a cup of tea, and relaxes.


What do you think about these pieces of advice? Would they work for you?

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Kylie Minogue