"Let Freedom Dream!" Jane Fonda Dreams About A Day When All Immigrants Are Treated With Dignity And Fairness

Date February 16, 2018

Jane Fonda has proven one more time that she’s not only a fitness star, successful actress, and former fashion model, but also a political activist. Even though some may have expected she would be gardening at this age (the star is 80), she’s still fighting for equal rights. This time, Fonda addressed the issue of immigrants, which is a burning question in the United States.

Speaking out for women’s rights

Being the victim of child rape and abuse, the star is not afraid to raise her voice. A committed activist for gender equality, she speaks regularly on behalf of women, defending their rights and fighting violence against females.

However, she does more than that. In the past, the celeb also campaigned for the rights of working mothers and Native Americans as well as opposed the Vietnam War. As a result, she was arrested a couple of times and even raised treason speculations when visiting Vietnam during the war.

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Supporting immigrants

Now, Jane got even more political. A month ago, the Coming Home actress took to Instagram and shared a snap of her wearing a shirt with the words 'Let Freedom Dream', referencing the legislation that concerns minors brought to the country illegally. She captioned the post:

Fighting cancer scare

But this strong woman does not only fight injustice. Recently, Fonda had a cancer removed from her face. Now, she’s back to work, starring in Grace & Frankie.

And even the bright California sun does not stop her from acting.

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Jane Fonda