Malia Obama Got Advice From Her Mom Before Heading To College, But She Didn't Follow It

Date March 5, 2018

Wow! Time flies by so fast! It seems that it was only yesterday when Malia Obama’s dad became president. At that time, she was 10 years old. And now, she has already started a new chapter, heading off to Harvard.


Malia is not the first Obama to enter this university. Actually, both Barack and Michelle graduated from the Harvard Law School. The institution is also the alma mater of eight American presidents.


As it’s no stranger to celebrity students, there are lots of paparazzi who constantly follow them. So, before the former first daughter headed off to the university, she received a valuable advice from her mom.

And guess what? She didn’t follow it!


Michelle’s piece of advice to her daughter was very simple:

Don't wind up on Page Six.

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But Malia didn’t manage to do that. On contrary, Barack and Michelle’s daughter regularly popped up on its pages. The New York Post's gossip column covered everything: from moving into the dorm and partying at nightclubs to losing a cellphone at a music festival.


Of a particular interest to readers is, of course, Malia’s romantic life. Currently, the 19-year-old dates another Harvard student - a rugby player who wants to be a banker. The two are often spotted shopping together and enjoying each other’s company.

But even if Malia pops up in the iconic column, there’s nothing Michelle and Barack should worry about.

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