Meghan Markle’s Wedding Dress Will Cost Less Than Kate Middleton’s For An Important Reason

Date March 28, 2018

The royal wedding is fast approaching. And with each day, speculation about the details of the ceremony is mounting, including the choice of Meghan Markle’s wedding outfit.

Unfortunately, little is known about the gown and accessories the former actress will wear on her big day. As for the latter, the bride-to-be often opts for jewelry from Maison Birks. So, the president of the brand thinks that the American will likely choose something that is elegant and refined. Probably, Meghan will wear a simple pair of earrings not to overdo it.

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As for the dress, royal experts expect it to cost less that the gown worn by Kate Middleton. And there’s an important reason for this.


Earlier, there have been rumors that Harry’s beloved is going to spend an eye-watering sum on a wedding dress. But it turns out, it’s very unlikely.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s gown cost more than $350,000. And while the public though Meghan would spend $550,000 on a dress, she will not risk doing this. Markle has no intention of upstaging Kate Middleton.


Besides, the former actress doesn’t want to ruin her budding friendship with the royal. The two spend a lot of time together, as the duchess helps Meghan adjust. So, there's no competition between the two, only support and love.


Will Meghan Markle wear a tiara just like Kate did?

She may, but only if Elizabeth II lends her one. The only people eligible to wear Crown Jewels are Queen and the consort. But we hope the monarch will let Meghan drip in diamonds during the ceremony.

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