Meghan Markle's Cute Old Home Videos Prove She Was Ready For Royal Life At 8-Year-Old

Date March 30, 2018

Meghan Markle is now getting ready for her life as a royal. And she has many things to learn, from how to curtsy and address other members of the family to how to act when she is ever kidnapped. Besides, the bride-to-be will not be allowed to take selfies with fans, and she will not return to acting.

But it seems that the former actress has been ready to become a royal ever since her childhood. And the new video uncovered by the Daily Mail only proves it!

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Back in 1990, little Meghan was invited to her friend Ninaki Priddy’s birthday party. And guess what, she totally stole the show. In the video, you can see how the 8-year-old took the lead and directed a miniature play about the royalty called Your Royal Highness.

It’s no surprise Meghan took the starring role. She cast herself as the queen, and other guests played her subjects. It looks like the movie foreshadowed the future of the American beauty. First, she became successful as an actress. And now, she’s marrying into the royal family.

As Ninaki says:

It’s very funny to see this now and given what is going on with her life it’s quite eye-opening.

What will she be in reality?

Surely, it’s very-very unlikely Markle will ever be queen, considering that her husband-to-be is only 6th in line. Instead, the two will probably become the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex.


But similar to the video, she will still be known as Her Royal Highness.

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