Melania Trump And Brigitte Macron Rock High Heels And Short Skirts For Tree Planting At The White House

Date April 25, 2018

It has been a busy week for Melania Trump. On April 23, the First Lady posted pics and videos showing her preparation for the visit of the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, and his wife, Brigitte.

Apparently, the 47-year-old took care of everything, including flower arrangements, decorations, papers, table settings, food, and much more. But Melania didn’t only get serious about the preparations in the White House, she also paid much attention to the choice of her outfit.

As Melania and Brigitte walked behind their husbands in Washington DC, both of them showed off their stunning legs. Trump opted for an elegant black coat and a simple black dress that came to midway down her thighs.

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She elongated her beautiful tanned legs by sporting black stiletto spike heels. And to complete the look, Melania accessorized it with a snake print black clutch.


Meanwhile, Brigitte rocked a beige dress and a knee-length coat with deep pockets and a black ribbon (which only added a chic touch to her outfit!). Same as Melania, Macron opted for black heels, although her pair was a little bit lower.


What did they do?

The two presidential couples planted an oak tree near the West Wing of the White House. The tree is Emmanuel Macron’s present, and it symbolizes the growing friendship between the two countries. Actually, it’s a thoughtful gift, as it came from Belleau Wood, the site of WWI battle.


It’s Macron’s first state visit to Trump, and the two are expected to discuss a number of political issues, including trade relations and Iran nuclear deal.

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