Michelle Obama Gets Candid About Barack's Gray Hair And Teases Him For Not Dying It

Date March 1, 2018 13:43

We all noticed how fast Barack Obama’s hair turned gray since he became the president. And many wondered why. There are plenty of discussions on the Internet, but what almost all people agree on is the fact that a stressful job might be the reason for graying hair.


Of course, being the commander-in-chief involves constant pressure, a lot of responsibility, and intensity. Even on vacation days, presidents receive briefings and have to attend meetings. Some of them have tried dying their hair. And now, Michelle Obama reveals that her husband regrets not doing it!

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Teasing the former president

A “silver fox” – this is how many people nicknamed the former POTUS. But his wife is not among them. Even when he got gray, she didn’t see him this way. As Michelle candidly says:

[Silver fox] were other people’s nicknames for me [to give to him]. I never called him that.

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Surely, he could have just dyed his hair (which is Michelle’s secret to looking younger). And as she says, he genuinely regrets not doing that. After all, “hair dye and diet and exercise” can do wonders. But despite teasing her spouse, the former FLOTUS still thinks he is as handsome as ever.

He looks great, you know that.


Writing memoirs

Michelle is now working on her memoir, “Becoming,” that will be published in November. In it, she will share her deepest personal experiences, including motherhood, time spent in the White House, campaigns, and much more.

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Barack Obama is also writing his own memoir, but he has not revealed any details yet.

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