Moment Of Aww! Baby Elephant Gives A Man A Big Kiss As They Cuddle On The Ground

Date April 10, 2018

If you love elephants and want an unforgettable experience, you should definitely visit Patara Elephant Farm in Thailand. There, you will learn how to care for animals, feed them, walk with them, and interact among their families.

If you get lucky, you can even make friends with elephants and share adorable moments with them, like this happy man in the video below.

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One of the onlookers visiting the farm took the cute footage. In it, a baby elephant tries to wrap its whole mouth around the face of one of the visitors, as if trying to give him a kiss.

Then, the animal brings its trunk round and tickles the man with it. Smiling and beaming with delight, the visitor doesn’t even try to resist the elephant but enjoys the moment. The two then lie side by side, while the baby elephant attempts to get up.


This is not the first time elephants at the Patara Farm interact with their visitors in an unpredictable way. When Hannah Frenchick from West Virginia played with another baby elephant, she was surprised when it sat on her and kept leaning in for cuddles.

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After such sweet cuddles with loving animals, visitors surely will want to come back!

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