Most Adorable Interview Ever: 5-Year-Old Claire Crosby Meets Four Coaches Of The Voice


March 8, 2018 11:40 By Fabiosa

She’s only 5 years old, but she’s already become a YouTube phenomenon! Claire Crosby was a year and a half when her parents found her trying to play the piano and sing. In 3 years, the little girl accumulated more than 50 million views on the platform, appeared in a movie, and visited Ellen on her show twice.

She’s often asked why she loves to sing, and her response is always the sweetest – because it makes her feel happy. Claire clearly enjoys every performance, and her soft and angelic voice makes hearts melt.

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Considering chances

While she was becoming more popular and popular, the girl’s parents realized the importance of protecting her. They don’t sign any contracts and use each opportunity they have. Rather, Claire decides herself what she wants to do.

This time, it looks like Claire could not turn down the offer of interviewing all four The Voice coaches. And this might be the most adorable interview ever!

In her interview, Crosby asked Kelly, Alicia, Adam, and Blake about animals, tattoos, sharks, and hairstyles. The little also tried to get to the bottom of why Levin and Shelton argue so much! Did she succeed in it? Just watch this video to find the answer!

Making hearts melt

When Clair meets her dad Dave on stage, you should brace yourself for the cuteness overload. The duo charms audiences with their performances of different movie songs. It’s no wonder Ellen DeGeneres invited the two to her show to sing for her.

A great talent, isn’t it?

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