Mother Shares A Heartbreaking Story On How Her Son's ‘Growing Pains’ Turned Out To Be Cancerous Tumors

Date March 19, 2018 10:53

Kids grow, and so do their bones and muscles. This process can be unpleasant, as it often involves aches and pains. But if the pain is persistent, it might mean that there’s a serious illness underway, and Janessa Whatcott knows it better than anyone.

Nixon, her 6-year-old boy, had been complaining of leg pain for a couple of weeks. Although the mother believed her son was just having growing pains, she decided to take him to the doctor to make sure. While she was waiting in the waiting room, Janessa still thought it was nothing life threatening.

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The doctor recommended having an X-ray. When he got the results, came, and ask Janessa to speak to her privately, she realized something was wrong. Unfortunately, Nixon had a large tumor in his thighbone.

After additional tests, an MRI, and a CT scan, the boy went into surgery. The whole family was hoping Nixon’s tumor was not malignant. But biopsy result showed otherwise. The boy had multiple tumors in his leg, and cancer had already spread to his lings, meaning he would have to fight for his life.

Now, Nixon is undergoing chemotherapy. His parents created a Facebook page that has followers from all over the world to share their son’s story and raise awareness. The boy receives large support from countless people. Just recently, Riverton Baseball sponsored a hair-shaving party so that the little boy didn’t have to feel alone.

We wish Nixon a speedy recovery!

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