‘Never, Ever Give Up’: After 5 Miscarriages, Happy Parents Finally Welcome A Precious Rainbow Baby

Date March 21, 2018 14:00

It’s hard to imagine what women experience when they go through a pregnancy loss. Probably, they feel more sadness that they ever thought possible. Some of them give up, while some accept the loss over time. Jennie Hill suffered not one, not two, but five miscarriages! And after all the efforts and attempts she and her husband had made, they finally welcomed a precious baby.

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Many people who cannot conceive naturally look for alternatives: opting for adoption or turning in vitro fertilization (IVF). The latter is the choice Jennie and her husband John made. As it turned out, Hill had a chromosome disorder that caused miscarriages. Luckily, she had a good team of specialists to consult with.

The IVF route spanned more than a year and included dozens of injections. Doctors retrieved 47 fertilized eggs, out of which only two embryos made it. On January 25, 2017, the couple welcomed their miracle baby, Harper Grace. They call her ‘our rainbow.’ As Jennie says:

It signifies a promise after a storm (loss). John and I lived by the fact that God promises us a rainbow after the storm.

Now, the pair hopes that their experience will inspire others not to lose hope. Luckily, there are even more stories of rainbow babies that their parents gladly share. Another couple who suffered six miscarriages also opted for IVF and even had to move out of their home to afford it.

But the result is worth all money in the world: a healthy little baby boy!

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