Oldest Lottery Winner Bursts Into Tears As He Reveals How He And His Wife Want To Spend £18m

Date February 22, 2018

Have you ever dreamed about winning the lottery? Apparently, 87-year-old Dennis Banfield has. But did he know that his life was going to change forever when he bought the Lucky Dip ticket?

Scooping jackpot

Banfield and his wife Shirley became oldest lottery jackpot winners in the United Kingdom, with £18 million prize. In the past, Dennis worked for almost half a decade at South West Electricity Board. But now, he and his spouse do not need to worry about bills and payments anymore.

How are they going to spend money?

Upon realizing that his family is financially secure, Banfield could not hold his tears back. In fact, their daughters are the only thing Dennis and Shirley think about. Of course, they will share the money with their kids. They say:

We joke that it’s just a matter of time and we are playing the lottery for them, so that they are financially secure forever.

The two don’t want to move house, and the father of the family does not think he will ever be interested in a new vehicle. However, the Banfields want to spend some money on traveling. One of their daughters, Tina, is a fan of cars and rugby, so she finds it possible to attend the World Cup or the Grand Prix.

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What about other UK winners?

Surely, Dennis and Shirley are not the only winning couple. In 2012, Colin and Chris Weir scooped a record-breaking jackpot of £161 million! Among their first purchases, there was a stunning mansion, a sports jacket, and a tractor.

Adrian Bayford and his now ex-wife Gillian claimed over £148 million in 2012. But Adrian finds millionaire life too boring, so he returned back to work.

Some other winners are Neil Trotter (£108 million), Dave and Angela Dawes (£101 million), and Bev Doran (£14.5 million). They prove we all have a chance!

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