Order Up! Prince Harry Serves Lunch To Children At A Half-Term Sports Camp

Date February 16, 2018 17:16

Apart from being a loving mother, the “people’s princess”, and a fashion icon, Princess Diana was a humanitarian. Luckily, Prince Harry and Prince William are carrying on their mother’s legacy by doing charity work. Both of them show their devotion to Africa by supporting charities there. What is more, they found campaigns to speak openly about mental health and help vulnerable children.

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Prince Harry also fights stigma surrounding AIDS and HIV. And recently, the queen’s grandson has taken part in the Fit and Fed program aimed at addressing issues of inactivity among kids across the country.

Playing hockey and serving lunch

This time, Prince Harry was flying solo without his beloved bride-to-be by his side. Having rolled his sleeves up, the royal met young athletes, played hockey with them, and served a nutritious lunch.

This is not the first time he visits Fit and Fed, and he intends to get to know more about this program to provide the youngsters with free activities. He will also meet coaches and volunteers to get an update.

Making secret charity trips

With such a beau, it’s no wonder Meghan Markle wants to follow in the footsteps of his mother as well. There have been rumors that the 36-year-old is eager to take as many charitable causes as she can. As part of her secret trips, she visited a mosque affected by the fire to support the community.

But she is actually no stranger when it comes to lending help and support. Prior to becoming engaged to the royal, Markle visited Africa and India with charity.

Keep up the good work, Meghan and Harry!

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