Prince Charles Is Accused Of Tax Avoidance And Dodging For Many Years

Date March 22, 2018

With the release of the tell-all book Rebel Prince, more and more details are revealed about the Queen’ son. It turns out the royal has embraced a luxury lifestyle.

The heir to the throne is said to travel with truckloads of luggage, change his outfits many times a day, and have his bedroom fittings (including his bed!) delivered to new accommodations. What is more, some Members of Parliament accuse the future king of avoiding paying taxes.


Recently, the National Audit Office has undertaken an investigation into the accounts of the royal family members. And what they found was obscurity in the account of the Duchy of Cornwall, which is in the possession of Prince Charles.

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When the Duke of Cornwall took $3.2 million to plant trees on duchy land, he seems not to have paid any tax. In addition, his advisers often move income from the duchy’s account to the revenue account without detailing any reason.

The Prince is also believed to pay lower tax because he didn't classify the Duchy of Cornwall as a corporation. But it still brings him income. Surely, when asked about this matter, the prince’s secretaries refused to answer, saying that the duchy’s arrangements must remain in secret.


The book also reveals that Charles was more than happy to meet and befriend all the prospective donors who were willing to pay much money. Meeting the prince has never been a big problem for those who had money. And while meeting them, the Queen’s son even managed to raise millions for charity.


The Duchess of Cornwall often accompanied her husband during such trips.

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