Prince Charles Jokes He Is Like A 900-Year-Old Cathedral With “Bits Falling Off It”

Date February 19, 2018

In March, a new unauthorized biography will be released to provide more insight into Prince Charles’ life. Tom Bower, British journalist who wrote about Simon Cowell’s affair, is back with another book. In it, he will talk about how the prince tried to restore his reputation after the tragic death of Princess Diana, among other things.

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Making people laugh

Even if an 'explosive' book will have some unpleasant details about the prince’s life, we hope he will shake it off with the help of his great sense of humor. Charles doesn’t miss an opportunity to have a good laugh and even make fun of himself.


During his visit to Durham Cathedral, the queen’s son lifted people’s spirits when he compared himself to the ancient cathedral (which is 900 years old!). He said:

Maintaining a cathedral and stopping bits falling off it, which, as I reach an increasing age…

As for the occasion, the 69-year-old toured a new exhibition of the cathedral’s artifacts, praising sponsors and authorities for their good job in preserving these treasures.

Preserving the environment

But cathedrals are not the only thing Prince Charles is worried about. The first in line to the throne champions the environment and condemns the plastic in the ocean. But he was criticized because his Highgrove shop is full of plastic as selling items are often wrapped in it.

But we hope Prince Charles will encourage his outlets to get rid of plastic to avoid pollution.

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Prince Charles