Prince Henrik Had The Most Romantic Surprise For Queen Margrethe At His Funeral

Date February 23, 2018

February 13 was a sad day for the Danish royal family. Queen Margrethe’s beloved husband, Prince Henrik, has passed away following a lung infection. Unhappy about never being made king, he expressed his wish not to be buried next to his spouse, breaking one of the centuries-old tradition.


Actually, the monarch accepted this decision. And it was earlier reported that Henrik will be cremated, with his ashes spread at Fredensborg castle and in the Danish waters. But this wish doesn’t mean the prince didn’t love his wife, which he continues to prove even after his death.

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Final romantic surprise

Queen Margrethe must have been astonished when she found out her late husband planned an utterly romantic and heartwarming surprise for her. Before his death, the Frenchman asked for flowers to be arranged into a "blooming garden" at his funeral. So, imagine the queen’s surprise when she was met by a sea of flowers.

Paying tribute to his spouse

The whole idea had a special meaning for the pair. During their wedding ceremony back in 1967, Henrik referred to his wife-to-be as the "most beautiful adornment" in the Danish "blooming garden." And the bishop even quoted this speech:

I came from a country of flowers into a blossoming garden. But the girl, however, was the garden's single most beautiful adornment.

There were no foreign royals due to a simple reason. The 83-year-old wanted to have a private funeral ceremony, with closest friends and family members in attendance.

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