Prince Henrik Of Denmark Has Passed Away. Will His Daughter-In-Law Become A Queen Now?

Date February 15, 2018 11:36

In case you didn't know, Mary is the Crown Princess of Denmark, the daughter-in-law of late Prince Henrik who passed away at 83 on February 13. And while he never had a chance to become a king, will she now become a queen?

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Sad news for the country

The Danish royals are now devastated after the sad news of death of Queen Margrethe II's husband. He was famous for sparkling controversy. In 2017, the prince declared he did not want him buried near his wife, which would violate the long-established tradition. As it turned out, he repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that he was never recognized equal to her.

Will his daughter-in-law become a queen?

In Denmark, a prince does not become king when his wife takes the throne. But it’s a completely different story when the roles are reversed. If Queen Margrethe II abdicates the throne now, her son Prince Frederik will become king. And his wife Mary will automatically become a queen consort.

But the 77-year-old monarch has no intention of retiring, so all the other royals next in line to the throne will have to wait for their turn.

The only reason that she would abdicate is if she became infirm and incapable of being a queen.

Who is an heir apparent to the throne in the UK?

For many of us, it is hard to imagine a future without Elizabeth II. But in case of her passing away, her son Prince Charles will become a king followed by Prince William. Little Prince George and Princess Charlotte are third- and fourth-in-line respectively.

Actually, Prince Harry was previously third, but all his nieces and nephews will push him down the line. And since Kate Middleton is pregnant, he will soon become sixth.

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