Prince Philip Cancels A Rare Public Engagement Due To Health Issues. What Is His Status?

Date March 23, 2018

Last year, Prince Philip retired from public life. Since then, he has made only a few appearances, accompanying his wife, Elizabeth II. Retirement also means relinquishing some of his responsibilities. In particular, the Duke of Edinburgh is no longer Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, the position he has had for 42 years!

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On March 22, the Prince was expected to hand the role to his second son, Prince Andrew. But it seems the 96-year-old was too ill to attend an event.


As many people were worried about the royal’s sate of health, they were quickly reassured that the illness was not severe. But due to his age, doctors decided not to risk anything and urged Prince Philip to have some rest. Instead, Queen Elizabeth carried out the ceremony herself and passed the honor to the Duke of York.


We hope that there’s really nothing serious. Just at the beginning of March, Prince Philip was as fit as a fiddle, heading out for a carriage ride. The 96-year-old was in excellent spirits, smiled a lot, and was chatting with a groom who was sitting on the row behind the royal.

We wish Prince Philip speedy recovery!

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