Prince Philip Is Married To Queen Elizabeth, But They Live In Separate Houses

Date March 30, 2018

Prince Philip has been married to Queen Elizabeth II for almost 71 years! But do the two still live together?


Actually, the couple has many homes, such as Windsor Castle, Wood Farm, and, of course, Buckingham Palace. And ever since the Duke of Edinburgh officially retired in 2017, he prefers spending more time at Wood Farm, away from his wife.


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Surely, being 96-year-old, it’s high time for Prince Philip to relax and spend his days reading, painting water colors, and writing letters. And the duke genuinely enjoys getting up when he wants without having to run errands or attending public engagements.


Elizabeth II is still a ruling monarch, so she can’t spend as much time with her husband as before. But don’t worry, Prince Philip goes to Buckingham Palace on various occasions and often visits the Queen’s weekend home, Windsor Castle. And Elizabeth also enjoys coming to Wood Farm to chill there.


The couple have managed to keep their love strong for many decades. And Prince Philip gladly shares their secret. Apparently, the key to successful marriage in tolerance, especially when the things are going bad. Another ingredient is having different interests.

And since they have the longest lasting relationship among British monarchs, we think we can use these secrets in the relationships of our own.

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