Princes William And Harry Donate One Of Princess Diana's Outfits, And It's Special For Many Reasons

Date April 13, 2018

The exhibition Diana: Her Fashion Story allows its visitors to trace the evolution of style of the People’s Princess. It puts on display various outfits of the late royal, ranging from romantic dresses to glamorous gowns.


This year, the exhibition added the outfits from the most iconic moments of Diana’s life. And one of them was donated by Princes William and Harry for a special reason.

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In 1997, Princess Diana made headlines when she visited Angola and walked through the field of landmines. On that day, she sported a simple blue denim shirt, Armani cream chinos, and a protective vest. And despite the severity of the event, she looked absolutely stunning in her outfit!

So why is it special?

First, it was a high-profile visit. And second, it was one of Diana's last public appearances before her ultimate death. Visitors of the exhibition will have an opportunity to see it up until November 2018.

Continuing his mom’s mission

Princess Diana urged the world to get rid of landmines during the final months of her charity work. And her son, Prince Harry, is currently working on continuing her campaign. In one of his recent speeches, he talked about the need to get free of dangerous weapons by 2025.


Besides, the royal has also visited minefields in Mozambique and Angola, just like his late mom.

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Princess Diana