Princess Diana’s Bridesmaid India Hicks Shares A Heartwarming Story Of How She Adopted An Orphan


When she was just 13 years old, India Hicks got an incredible opportunity to serve as a junior bridesmaid to Lady Diana Spencer at her wedding. And although Prince Charles’ goddaughter was glad to be part of such an enormous wedding party, she still complained about having to wear a dress instead of her usual trousers.

But she has never been bound to traditions. Later, Hicks moved to the Caribbean and made another unconventional but remarkable decision that helped change someone else’s life for the better.

The story of adopting a 12-year-old boy

In the Bahamas, India, who was expecting a baby, made friends with a waitress who also happened to be pregnant. When the kids were born, the mothers’ relationship only became stronger as Hicks helped look after the boy, Wesley. And when the waitress died of cancer, India didn’t hesitate for a moment before taking him.

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In fact, Wesley has a father, but he has not been a big part of his life. Of course, adopting the boy was not an easy task as he was grieving his mom and wasn’t responding. But as soon as Wesley became close to other kids, the situation got better.

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He isn’t formally adopted because the process is almost impossible in the country. But he knows he is loved anyways. Now, Wesley is in his 20th, has a girlfriend, and is fond of marine mechanics. And India is as proud of him as of her other four children.

Another unconventional relationship

India also has an interesting relationship with her godfather, Prince Charles. On her Instagram, the former model shows off pictures of various gifts given to her by the Queen’s son. And in most cases, these presents were confusing.

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But now, Hicks finally appreciates it.

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