Queen Elizabeth II Recalls How She Came Home To Find Prince Charles Trying To Grab Her Crown

Date February 16, 2018

If you want to get to know more details about the life of the royal family, British Channel 5 can help you with that by launching a brand-new documentary series to mark Elizabeth II’s 65 years on the throne.

In 8 episodes, the queen’s friends, family members, prime ministers, and other people will discuss her reign and accession to the throne. The show will also reveal some funny episodes in the monarch’s life. And Prince Charles is the main character in some of them.

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Trying to grab mommy’s crown

When the queen’s son was only 5 years old, he actually tried to take a crown away from her. Upon returning from her coronation to have some tea and sandwiches with relatives and friends, Elizabeth lifted off the crown because it was giving her headache.


And Charles decided not to waste an opportunity, thus running in and making a beeline for it. Unfortunately (or fortunately, who knows), the little didn’t make it to try it on. As the queen’s friends recall:

Someone rushed towards him and got there just in time.


Will he wear the crown later?

Well, the prince is next in line, so he will probably take over when his mother passes away. Despite the fact that many Britons want Prince William to take the reins, he earlier said he was not ready for it yet.


So, his father, who has spent his whole life preparing for the role, will take up this duty.

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