Stephen Hawking Left An Amazing Final Gift For People Of Cambridge On Day Of His Funeral

Date April 4, 2018

On March 14, the world lost one of the most brilliant minds – Stephen Hawking. The most celebrated scientist of our era passed away at age 76. On March 31, the private funeral took place at Great Mary’s Church, and more than 500 guests were invited.


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The theoretical physicist was mourned by his family and other famous people, including the businessman Elon Musk, the actor Eddie Redmayne (who played Hawking in The Theory of Everything), and many more. Thousands of people also took to the streets of Cambridge to pay tribute to him.

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But it turns out Hawking left a gift for people of Cambridge

His family made a donation to FoodCycle by funding a huge Easter lunch and saying that it was "on Stephen". Nearly 50 people attended Wesley Methodist Church to have a hot meal.


As the manager of FoodCycle revealed, the Hawking family had contacted the charity beforehand, so that hungry and lonely people could enjoy tasty food while the funeral took place:

It was a really kind gesture.

The charity often serves dinners and lunches in different cities across the country.


Volunteers cook 1 thousand meals a week, helping hundreds of people.

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