Turning Meghans Into Middletons: Etiquette Expert Teaches How To Acquire The Manners Of A Princess


Getting married into the royal family comes with lots of preparation. Right now, Meghan Markle has to take so-called "princess lessons" ahead of her wedding.


The Suits star has a team of assistants who help her with hairstyle, makeup, clothes, and much more. But what to do if you want to acquire the manners of a princess without a whole squad helping you?


Myka Meier knows the answer! The 35-year-old is an ordinary American woman who went to work for a PR firm in the United Kingdom. Now, she’s touring America and teaching others how to acquire royal manners.


So, how did she learn the etiquette?

In London, Myka once met Prince Charles who made a joke when she was trying to curtsy and offer the royal his drink from a heavy tray at the same time (which was not right!). This incident sparked her passion.

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Meier took classes with a former advisor to Her Majesty, Alexandra Masservy, and in a few years, she launched her business. Now, she runs it from The Plaza and travels around the globe for private clients.

Turning Meghans into Middletons

As part of her one-day course, Myka teaches dining etiquette, advises which heels should be worn (6in at night and 4in during the day), and explains how to hold a clutch bag (in front and not in an armpit!), a teacup (with a pinky in), and wave (with fingers together).

She also teaches how to seat. One of the positions that both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are currently using is the Cambridge Cross. It means sitting straight with ankles crossed, and you can see it below.


What training does Meghan Markle get?

It’s likely that the royal-to-be gets a course in British cultural mores and humor. She also receives security training, thus learning what to do in different situations.


Myka also believes Harry’s beloved gets vocabulary pieces of advice. As she says:

While Ms Markle won't be expected to change her accent, she will be expected to change her vocabulary.


What are Meghan’s results? We’ll definitely see her progress soon.

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