What Does Sarah Ferguson’s Body Language Reveal About Her Relationship With Prince Andrew?

Date March 13, 2018

Although Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew are divorced, it looks like there’s plenty of love between them. On February 19, when her ex-husband turned 58, the Duchess of York took to Instagram to pay a heartwarming tribute, calling Andrew the best-looking man, friend, and father.


And since the two are pretty close, many people find the idea of the couple rekindling their love possible. But while the Duchess often speaks out about her love for her ex, body language experts believe she doesn’t show her true feelings.


Does she regret ever marrying the Queen’s son?

In 2011, Ferguson was interviewed by Piers Morgan on CNN, discussing various topics, including Prince Andrew. And body experts believe there was quite a change in her since the wedding day. While Sarah was happier and more enthusiastic earlier, she’s now wiser but, at the same time, sadder.

When talking about her ex-husband, Ferguson’s choice of words was still dramatic, but she lacked energy. And her masked-looking facial expression also made it difficult to detect her true feelings. As body experts say:

When she told Piers that 'My man was the most important thing to me' she ended the statement by sucking in her lips in an expression of what looked like pained regret.

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Despite their split, Sarah and Andrew still share a home. And the Duchess of York maintains a good relationship with her ex-husband’s mother, the Queen. In her book, My Story, she even revealed she used to call Elizabeth II “mama” in private.

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