Sons Of Julia Louis-Dreyfus Celebrate Her Last Day Of Chemo With An Uplifting Video


Julia Scarlett Elizabeth Louis-Dreyfus, the 56-year-old producer, actress, and comedian, was diagnosed with breast cancer in September.

Background and career

The television comedy star is widely known for her roles in Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, Veep, and The New Adventures of Old Christine.

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She is one of the most celebrated television actors of her generation, winning more Emmy Awards than any other performer.

Her breast cancer challenge

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A day after winning her sixth Emmy for her role in Veep, Louis-Dreyfus took to Twitter to announce that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She said:

One in eight women get breast cancer. Today, I'm the one.

Since then, she's been in and out of the hospital for chemotherapy.

Since her revelation in September last year, Louis-Dreyfus has received huge support from friends, family, co-stars, and fans from around the world.

In fact, Tony Hale and Timothy Simons, her co-stars on Veep, have recently performed Katy Perry's "Roar" to cheer up their colleague.

@veephbo in solidarity to bust cancer's ass. @jencrittenden @gaballgreen

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Julia is an amazing and humorous woman, and she is not willing to lose her great sense of humor to cancer. On 23 December last year, she wrote:

Getting ready for the holidays with my awesome Xmas cocktail. #jollytransfusion #ivebeengood.

She has fought a good fight with cancer, and even more positive and inspiring is her attitude through it all.

Uplifting video made for her by her sons

It was the big day, the last day of her chemo, and Louis-Dreyfus took to Instagram to share the gesture her sons, Charlie and Henry Hall, made for the big day. She wrote:

My beauty boys @henryhallmusic @charlie_hall made this for me today, my last day of chemotherapy," "Pretty swell, right? Ain't they sweet?

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The video shows her sons dancing and singing to Michael Jackson's "Beat It," afterward leaving a thoughtful message.

We deeply celebrate with Julia and her family on winning the fight against breast cancer, and we hope to see more of her ingenuity on the screens soon. Congratulations, Julia!

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