Abby Lee Miller From 'Dance Moms' Has Been Released

Date March 29, 2018 09:21

Abby Lee Miller, the popular host of Dance Moms, was indicted for fraud in October 2015. According to charges leveled against her in Pittsburg, the TV show host had maintained secret accounts with the sole aim at hiding earnings from the show.


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Furthermore, legal documents pertaining to the case said Miller hid over $750,000 she made between 2012 and 2013. In addition, Miller was charged with plotting to "defraud the bankruptcy court".

In this case, Miller had not declared income from other sources, particularly Masterclass studio sessions and merchandise sales.


Eventually, Miller was found guilty and sentenced to a year and a day in jail in May 2017. Consequently, she was confined at the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in California.

She is out!

And not a year after, Miller is out. However, she has been confined to Residential Reentry Center halfway house. Miller will be finishing the remaining months of her sentence at the facility.


Sources at TMZ report that the move is part of her early-release agreement. It is likely that Miller will be finally free by the middle of May this year.

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The show host is also looking much slimmer now. Entertainment Tonight reported back in January that the TV show host had undergone a gastric bypass just before getting sentenced.

First tweet and the fans go wild

Miller shared a cheeky tweet celebrating her freedom (or at least a part of it). It was good old Kermit sipping tea. In the meantime, Miller's fans are particularly delighted that she is out of jail and in good spirits.

For the most part, the TV host appears glad to be out of jail. However, it is unclear whether Miller will be returning to Dance Moms when she finally gets free. But if the responses to her first tweet are anything to go by, her fans sure would love to see her on TV again.

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