Cynthia Nixon Was 'Devastated' By A Scene In 'Sex And The City'

Date April 6, 2018

On March 19, Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon announced on Twitter that she would be running for governor of New York. The announcement was far from surprising. Nixon has a history of championing social causes.


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The 51-year-old has over the years spoken for sexual harassment victims. As a member of the LGBT community, she uses her visibility to broach the subject of inclusion at every opportunity she gets. She also fought for additional funding for New York schools.


Nixon is also a political activist. Born and raised in New York, she believes that a change is needed to move the city to greater heights. And she is the woman for the job.


‘Devastated’ by a movie scene

Nixon confessed that she was ‘devastated’ by one particular scene in the Sex and the City movie. It was when Big revealed a massive closet full of clothes to Carrie.

She made the revelation while speaking with Wendy Williams Show on March 4. According to Nixon, she was sad that many women thought that was the best part of the film.

…to have this be a kind of climax of the film — that your very wealthy husband builds you a really nice closet for your clothes — I thought 'wow, that's not really what you love about the show, is it?' Because that's not what we were making it for.

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According to Nixon, the film was supposed to be about female empowerment and women making their choices. Sadly, she feels the message was lost in the wardrobe. And don’t be mistaken, she had no problem with the clothes. Who would?

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More from Wendy

Nixon had a lot to share about her personal life and other issues on the show. For starters, she made it clear that although she shared some similarities with her character, Miranda, in real life she was a pretty different person.

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Nixon’s appearance on Wendy Williams Show is a pretty bold political step.

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Furthermore, she also addressed her intention to engage more black women in politics, as she believes they have an understated role to play that has been largely ignored by the Democratic Party.

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With the amazing popularity of the Sex and the City franchise and an army of fans, it seems like Nixon stands a fighting chance to win the elections.

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