Countdown To The Royal Wedding: The House Of Windsor Is Quite Busy


April 16, 2018 13:33 By Fabiosa

With about 4 weeks to go till the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19, the House of Windsor is very busy. Already announcements have been made that all Britons will be celebrating the event.

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Kensington Palace released another tweet updating the public on preparations for the spectacular event.

In the meantime, London is set to be one big carnival. City authorities have been given leeway to organize street carnivals with concessions. Also, additional security has been earmarked for the special day.

Public viewing centers will be set up for the thousands of people eager to watch the proceedings live. In addition, the wedding procession route will be decorated in national colors. This will add to the festivity.

Accommodation may soon be a problem in London. Many lodging establishments are already booked in advance. People from all over the UK and the world will be flying in to witness the historic occasion first hand.

The excitement is infectious

Many Britons would have loved to get invitations to the wedding. Sadly, only so many people can attend. Still, the exclusion has done little to dampen the excitement.

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Some regular people did get invited

Apart from dignitaries and foreign heads of states, 1,200 regular people have been invited to the royal wedding. These people were carefully chosen and display “strong leadership”. Also, they have “served their communities” through social causes.

Soldier and amputee Philip Gilespie, social worker Pamela Anomneze, Rueben Litherland, a deaf boy who teaches sign language, and Amy Wright who offers support to special needs children are some of the lucky invitees.

The couple was particularly generous with their invitations. 1,200 represent a almost half of the total 2,640 guests who will be attending the wedding at Windsor Castle. All the more reason why people love them.

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