Revival Of 'Roseanne': Dan Conner's Death Is Explained

Date March 28, 2018

After 20 years, fans of the hit TV show Roseanne are finally smiling as the hilarious family drama is back on television. Yes, the show got recommissioned for a whole new season, thanks to ABC.

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And this is not some new-school revival with new faces. The original cast of the series is back, with a few new faces of course.

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One thing that made the show stand out back then was the honesty with which serious issues were discussed.

The Conners were just a regular family dealing with everyday problems. Roseanne Barr still plays the title role, alongside TV husband, John Goodman.

What really happened to Dan Connor?

When Roseanne came to an end in 1997, everyone believed that Dan Conner (Roseanne’s husband played by John Goodman) was dead. Fast forward 20 years, and he is alive and well.

On the season premiere, Roseanne removed a sleep apnea mask from Dan’s face. He then asked, “What happened?”. Roseanne’s response, “I thought you were dead!”.

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He wasn’t, but he did suffer a serious heart attack at the end of the season finale in 1997. But the producers at ABC fixed that little issue.

Clearly, Dan recovered and even before the series premiere, fans already got a hint of that, thanks to the teaser ABC released.

Fans totally dig it

Just a day in, fans are already loving the Roseanne revival, even with the minor tweaks.

Season 10 of Roseanne is already raking in the numbers, and it is likely that ABC will be ordering up a new season as soon as this is done.

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