Boy With Cerebral Palsy Surprised Parents When He Recited The Pledge Of Allegiance


Born with cerebral palsy, the five-year-old brought his father and stepmother to tears after he recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

He recites the pledge of allegiance

One-word mumbles were normal for Jake Garza. He has faced many health issues at such a young age, but he surprised his family while spending time with them in St. Petersburg, Florida when he began reciting the pledge.

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It hit me right in the heart,” said Eric, a 32-year-old who serves on active duty for the U.S. Coast Guard.

CBS Evening News / YouTube

Eric added that seeing his son recite the pledge moved him so much, it brought him to tears. Jake’s father said he did not know his son could recite the pledge, especially since his cerebral palsy—a neurological disorder affects muscle coordination and body movement.

He was showing some [speech] progress, but could only say words like ‘yes’ and ‘no,’

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He said Jake learned to say the pledge in pre-K at Sexton Elementary School, and the father thanked his son’s teachers and personal aide for helping his son.

CBS Evening News / YouTube

Taylor Garza, Jake’s stepmother and Eric’s wife, said it was an “emotional” experience watching her son reach such a milestone.

Social media reactions

Hi ability to recite the full pledge is so inspiring, especially because of his condition, and the internet was moved.

Big congratulations to the Garza family, we hope this will be the first of many more milestones for them.

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