Boston Marathon: People Were Impressed By This Cancer Survivor Who Risked Her Life To Reach The Finish Line For Charity

Date April 23, 2018

The Boston Marathon has come to be associated internationally with the 2013 bombing that took place while the race was ongoing, but it has been a normal part Boston life since 1897.

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The world-famous marathon race is the oldest and ranked among the top 6 World Marathon Majors for championship-style competitions.

Although it has had its fair share of tragic incidents linked to it, it continues to be wildly popular with almost 40,000 registered participants yearly and an estimated 500,000 spectators.

Mary Shertenlieb

The 2018 marathon held on Monday, and the turnout was no different, with Desiree Linden emerging winner. However, one woman's story has gone viral because of her determination to finish the race even in difficult conditions.

Mary Shertenlieb, who is a 3-time cancer survivor, kept her eyes on the finish line and did not let the freezing Boston rain or hypothermia stop her.

She also ignored advice from marathon tent nurses to quit when she began to catch a cold, and her lips were turning purple.

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She told PEOPLE she kept going, because she told herself it was possible to finish.

I kept thinking, I've done harder things than this. I’ve had cancer three times. I can surely, mentally, do this, she said.

It took Shertenlieb 13 hours to complete the race and at least two medical tent stops. She finished after midnight.

Reaching her goal

The mom of 2 began training last year November, because she was determined to reach her goal of raising money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

She did not only raise the required $15,000 for the cancer institute but exceeded it to the tune of $41,000 when news of her inspiring feat went viral. And Shertenlieb says she would not change any part of the entire experience. 

Congratulations to the brave survivor.

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