Family Feud: Should Fans Be Worried About The Relationship Between Amy Roloff's Boyfriend And Her Ex?

Date March 27, 2018

Is trouble brewing in paradise for Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff? It appears not.

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New man, new life

The actress began dating Chris Marek after her marriage to Matt Roloff packed up. They had been married for 27 years.

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Amy, who is clearly in love, has been keeping fans up to date with the progress of her relationship. And, if the pictures are anything to go by, most members of her family are quite taken with her new beau too, except her ex.

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Recall that the 53-year-old mom and grandma wasted no time this past Valentine to share the red heart-shaped cookie gram she prepared for Chris, with the words and emoticon "Amy + Chris = ❤" inscribed on it.

What's up with Matt and Chris?

The actress may be going all out with sharing her love life, but she was reportedly nervous about introducing her beau to her ex-husband. There were endless speculations about bad blood existing between the two men.

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But Chris has clarified. He told Radar Online that they have since moved past the phase of getting to know each other, and he gets along with Matt Roloff.

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So, clearly, all is well in the Roloff world.

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Matt, himself, has moved on and is currently dating the former Roloff Farms manager, Caryn Chandler.

For now, the four of them seem to be figuring out their new situation and trying to do what is best for the children and grandchildren.

Fans still want Amy and Matt to work thing out!

However, a few fans are still pining for the past. They have criticized the actress for being more cozy with Chris than she ever was with Matt.

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Recently, when the couple took a trip to Idaho, Amy caught some flak for one of the pictures she shared. In it, she grinned happily with Chris beside her, but fans came for her teeth, which did not look as white as they expected them to be.

Chris is the first man Amy has gotten serious with since her 2016 divorce from Matt. Hopefully, fans will let her live her best life. We are certainly rooting for them.

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