In Honor Of Glenn Quinn: Roseanne Cast Performs Special Ritual Every Day To Remember Their Late Former Co-Star

Date April 13, 2018 09:53

Roseanne recently got a reboot with most of its old cast and a few new faces. The series surprised fans by bringing back even a character that died during its original run.

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Glenn Quinn tribute

However, not all members of the previous cast could make the successful reboot. The actor who played Roseanne Barr’s son-in-law on the show, Glenn Quinn, unfortunately passed away in 2002.

This week’s episode paid homage to Quinn on the show. Michael Fishman, who reprised his role as the first son of the Conner household, D.J., took to his Facebook page to pay an emotional tribute to Quinn.

The episode was centered on childbirth and infertility.

Becky who got married to Quinn’s character on the show revealed that she was infertile. She mentioned that she and Mark were trying to have children before 'his death' and that she had not found anyone she wanted to try again with.

Connor babies do not come out easy, historically speaking. #Roseanne

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The episode ended with a memorial to Quinn. But that’s not all.

How they keep his memory alive

The show keeps his memory alive daily with a behind the scenes ritual.

Fishman said on his Facebook post that he brought in Glenn’s picture and they pass by it before every episode while filming.

He wasn’t the only one full of praise for Quinn. Fellow cast member, Lecy Goranson, who plays Becky on the show, praised Quinn’s talent and humility.

She said, he was “just a tender, funny, fun person to be around”. Goranson said she was lucky to have shared the screen with Quinn.

Quinn's tragic death

Quinn died of a heroin overdose. His body was found at a friend's home in North Hollywood in December 2002. Prior to his death, he had been battling addiction, and he was homeless.

Fans of the show have been showing their appreciation to the classic show for the beautiful memorial tribute. Well done to the cast of Roseanne for keeping his memory alive.