Mothercare Recalls Faulty 'My First Keys' Toys To Protect Users From Battery Exposure

Date April 10, 2018

Popular brand, Mothercare, has recalled its 'my first keys' toys over fears that its battery cover is faulty. The toy has been in circulation since June 2017.

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Mothercare makes another recall

The recall became necessary because the faulty covers for the battery compartment could fall off and leave children at risk of exposure to the button cell battery. However, not all 'my first keys' toys are affected by the recall. The ruined ones fall under batch codes 02-161024, 02161205, and 02-170509.

Parents who have purchased the toy are advised to check for codes at the back and return if necessary. Returns can be made at the stores where the toy was purchased and the refunds would be made.

Addressing the issue, Mothercare said:

This action has been taken to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Hyde Crib fiasco

A recall was made early this year in February for their Hyde Crib after complaints that the bed was detaching from its frame.

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The Big Brand issued safety warnings for the crib and asked parents to return all Hyde Cribs with the model R2412 and barcode is 502146378938-2.

Big recalls of 2018

2018 has seen its fair share of recalls. Major brands have had to eat their quality assurance affirmations and ask customers to ascertain the safety of products themselves.

Leading the pack is Target. They recalled their jeans over safety concerns. Other big product recalls include Graco high chairs, Bed bath and beyond, and Food lion biscuit.

It goes without saying that the onus is on consumers to double check products for safety before purchases are made.

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