Meghan Markle's New Favorite Bracelet Was Absent During Her Commonwealth Day Service With The Queen

Date March 14, 2018

Meghan Markle is not yet married to Prince Harry, but she is already making appearances with the Queen. However, during her recent outing with the family, she seemed to be missing an accessory.


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Meghan's new mystery accessory

Meghan has been seen wearing a new diamond bracelet in all her recent outings. Although, the source of the delicate jewelry with a cross detail is unknown, it has been revealed that it is a baptism gift.


In preparation for her transition to duchess and wife of Prince Harry, the American citizen and actress chose to get baptized even though it was not a requirement.


A secret ceremony for the religious rite of passage was held early in March at the Church of England. Her husband-to-be was by her side.

The Queen approves

Meghan is certainly embracing her new role, and joining the family at Westminster Abbey is seen as a sign of the Queen's approval.


For the Commonwealth Day service, the soon-to-be royal joined the family, and she was seated beside Harry, just behind Her Majesty.


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Her new bracelet, which is now a permanent fixture, was out of sight for Commonwealth Day service, likely hidden underneath the cream colored Amanda Wakeley coat.

It was hard to miss the fact that she and Kate Middleton had on very similar shoes in the same navy color.


Prince Harry, Meghan, Kate, and Prince William made quite an impression during the recent outing at the inaugural Royal Foundation Forum. They have now been fondly nicknamed "the fab four".

Commonwealth duties for Harry

As head of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth II directly presides over 16 of the 53-member nations. But Prince Harry is favored to take over from his grandmother even though the position is not hereditary.


As an indication of Harry's future role, he is expected to resume an official leadership position in the Commonwealth in April.

When he and Meghan sat for their first official interview after their engagement was announced, the couple hinted at their commitment to working with the Commonwealth.


Harry mentioned that they were looking to travel to some countries in the Commonwealth soon. Meghan shared that their mutual passion to bring about change was one of the connections she shared with her husband-to-be.

We wish them well!

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