3-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Shot Her Pregnant Mom In Indiana

Date April 19, 2018 12:36

A 3-year-old girl accidentally shot her pregnant mother in northwest Indiana on Tuesday. She is said to have used a loaded gun her mother's boyfriend left in the car they were driving in.

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The shooting

The Tuesday shooting happened when the said boyfriend walked into a shop, leaving the loaded gun between the console and the seat of the vehicle.

The 3-year-old was in the backseat with a younger sibling, aged 1.

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The gun is said to have accidentally discharged and hit her pregnant mother in the chest, before it went through the windshield.

What people think

The U.S. is currently caught in a wave of gun violence tragedies with urgent calls for action, and people have been reacting to the unfortunate incident online. Read below:

She's alive

According to the police chief, the woman got out of the car and collapsed. Although she appears to have survived the shooting, her condition is not clear. At the time this report was filed, she was still receiving medical attention.

The boyfriend, Menzo Brazier, has been detained at the Lake County jail on child endangerment charges. It is expected that he'll get more charges.

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