Fans Are Slamming Elizabeth Hurley Because Of Her Sexy Outfit

Date April 20, 2018 09:35

Elizabeth Hurley, 52, is trying to live her best life, but critics will not let her be. They don't think the mom who has a teenage son should wear revealing clothes. Even if this is her preference.


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Hurley slammed by fans

Hurley has said that her 16-year-old son, Damian, does not mind her choice of clothing. And to make this clear, for his birthday, she put up a post which she captioned, “Happy Birthday to my little prince @damianhurley1. The light of my life for the last 16 years".

Her cleavage revealing dress caused fans to slam her for making Damian's birthday about herself and trying to take attention away from his moment.

Some even went as far as suggesting that she was an embarrassment to her son. However, she got some cheers from commenters who called her stunning.

She is unperturbed

Hurley may be in the mood to explain her clothing choices to fans, but she is not letting the disapproval define her life. Because, she is all for taking things to the next level.


When Damian appeared on his mom's E! show, The Royals, she went full French maid on her fans.

Damian, who played Prince Hansel, took a picture flanked by his mother in a French maid outfit and Joan Collins. Collins is a recurring star on the show.

Strange relationship?

Expectedly, people are up in arms and directing their dissatisfaction at Hurley for the skimpy French outfit complete with thigh-high fishnet stockings and pigtails. And as usual, opinions are divided.

People that disapprove:

People on her side:

Some fans think Hurley has a strange relationship with her son. What do you think?

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