Just For Teasing! Kanye West Gets A Little Too Philosophical On Social Media, And Kim Hilariously Trolls Him

Date April 20, 2018

Kanye West made a grand return to Twitter over the weekend, and fans of The College Dropout rapper have been beside themselves with joy.

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The return of Kanye West

In true Kanye fashion, the tweets were all over the place. He began by tweeting relatively regular stuff. He shared his favorite Saint West T-shirt, asked fans to caption a retro picture, and shared a sweet moment between he and his former brother-in-law Lamar Odom.

And then, without warning, he got deeply philosophical.

The rapper and dad of 3 - North, Saint, and Chicago - has been on a social media abstinence stretch, following a mental breakdown in 2016. His breakdown came after a series of unfortunate incidents that peaked with his wife, Kim Kardashian, getting robbed in a Paris hotel in the same year.

Why Kim trolled him

The couple is in a much better place now, and Kanye's return to Twitter signals this more than anything else.

While fans were celebrating the rapper's rather woke tweets, he announced that they would come together to form a book he would be working on in real time.

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It was solely in the spirit of documenting his 'innate need to be expressive' in real time that he tweeted:

Kim, who clearly could not resist the urge to troll Kanye, replied his tweet with:

And Chrissy Teigen capitalized on the fun moment to sneak this in:

From then on, Kanye's woke moment became open for banter between Kim and Chrissy, who is one of the reality TV star's close friends.

The internet joins the banter

This is a side of the famous couple fans almost never get to see. Thanks to Kanye's anti-media stance and his refusal to let his family be co-opted into the widely popular Kardashian reality franchise, their private life is mostly private.

Naturally, the internet cannot get enough of this. If we know anything, and if Kris Jenner had her way, a new Kardashian reality spin-off starring the Wests would be in the works already.

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