New Details Of Meghan Markle's Tea Date With The Queen Reveal How She Worked Her Way Into The Royal Family

Date April 20, 2018

It's less than a month to the most anticipated wedding of the year, and the countdown to May 19 has officially begun for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.


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Desperate to be the new Princess Diana?

In the meantime, Markle is familiarizing herself with the ways of the royals. She has gotten so good at being royal in such a short time that well known royal biographer, Andrew Morton, explicitly stated that she is working hard to reprise the role of Princess Diana.

He made this known in an unauthorized biography on Meghan's life based on interviews with former boyfriends, colleagues, teachers, and old friends. He titled the book, Meghan, A Hollywood Princess.

Morton would know better than anyone on matters concerning Diana, and this is why. In 1992, his book on the princess' personal life and troubles, Diana: Her True Story In Her Own Words, blew the lid on the fiercely insular royals.

Tea with the Queen - details

Before that book, the lives of the royal family, behind the scenes, was mostly unknown to the public. However, the Windsor family is no longer what they used to be.


And so, it comes as no surprise that just before Markle and Prince Harry got formally engaged in November 2017, they met with the Queen for tea in October.


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According to Morton, Markle was so nervous about the prospect of meeting the Queen that she took tea lessons just to rehearse.


Of a trip, she made to the very British Rose Tree Cottage in the L.A. suburb, he says,

It is where Meghan learned to crook her finger as she sipped her Earl Grey from her cup and saucer, necessary skills to remember after she dropped a curtsy to her future mother‑in‑law.


It is not clear how Morton obtained an insider's account of this tea date, but he details Markle's meeting with Her Majesty and says the meeting was so discreet that "even senior palace servants were unaware of their visit until a few days later".

The magic of Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle's alleged tea lessons clearly paid off because less than a month later, the couple announced their engagement and granted their first interview together with the BBC.


On March 14, according to royal tradition, the Queen formally gave a written consent to her grandson and the former Suits actress.


The pair will say their wedding vows in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, and the Queen is expected to be in attendance with her husband, Prince Philip.

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